Howard A. Doolin Middle School

Howard A. Doolin Middle School
Miami, Florida

Teacher: Coach Krishna Chandra Das
Grade: 8
Subject: Unites States History
Concept: Responsibility


• Responsible adults should be aware of the fact that bullying is a serious problem and help stop it.
• Responsible parents don’t allow children to bully or have items that could lead to bullying.
• Bullying hurts people more than you think. Responsible parents teach their children to consider the feelings of others before doing something that could potentially hurt someone.
• Be responsible and take a stand against bullying and those who encourage it. Transform values into action.
• Stop bullying. Speak out against it for yourself and others who may feel like they aren’t brave enough to speak out or are afraid that no one will listen to them.
• Bullying is primitive and wrong. It is the child’s responsibility to tell a friend, a parent, or someone who can help, and not stay quiet about it.
• Be responsible and take action against bullying. Being responsible will start a cycle of more responsible actions and help stop bullying for good.

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