Hialeah Gardens Elementary

Hialeah Gardens Elementary
Miami, Florida

Teacher: Sarah Kelly
Grade: 4
Subject: Civics
Concept: Privacy


There are five scenes depicted on this poster about “privacy." Each scene is broken into two sections: “What NOT to do” and “What SHOULD have happened."

The first scene (orange paper): Child #1 confides a secret to child #2 via a voicemail message. Instead of child #2 keeping the secret private, he plays the voicemail out loud for his classmates.

The second scene (blue paper): A girl asks her classmate to pass a note along to her friend, but instead of having respect for her privacy, he reads the note and starts making fun of her.

The third scene (pink paper): A student goes to the restroom and leaves her diary on her desk. Instead of leaving the diary alone, one of her group members reads her diary and shares the information with the other group members.

The fourth scene (tan paper): Two popular girls find out a secret that one of the boys in the class likes a less-popular girl. They walk over to the girl and say very loudly that they can’t believe that the boy likes her, continuing to tell her that she’s ugly.

The fifth scene (purple paper): A friend tells another student a secret. Instead of keeping it to herself, she posts the secret on Facebook.

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