Spanish Lake Elementary

Spanish Lake Elementary
Hialeah, Florida

Teacher: Ms. Harris
Grade: K
Subject: Social Studies
Concept: Responsibility


The kindergarten students studied the concept of bullying as it relates to them. They were able to describe what it means to be bullied and the things they could do to stop this from happening. When the lesson was presented and cyber bulling was explained, several students talked about using the DS game system to say bad things to other girls and boys.

They drew an example of each type of bullying and wrote a sentence as to how they could help stop each type from happening. The assignment was done under responsibility, what is my responsibility to my friend if he or she is being bullied?

Student sentences:
Social: Join our group come play with us.
Physical: Stop hitting my friend.
Cyber: Say good things
Verbal: Stop saying things that are not nice.

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